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Fairtrade Week

Fairtrade week, including the annual Business Scheme was a great success. Class 3 ran stalls each playtime, selling Fairtrade cakes, cookies and smoothies. There was a lucky dip, and prizes to be won. The atmosphere on the playground was fantastic. One of the highlights was seeing a Year 6 child helping a younger child negotiate the obstacle course – typical of Hatherop.

Mrs Wilder presented information to the whole school about how Fairtrade works. Did you know that 20% of bananas sold in the UK are Fairtrade?

Other events included a whole school treasure hunt and the making of a Fairtrade sculpture. The final event was a sharing assembly by the whole school which was extremely well attended by parents. The children showed that they had totally embraced the topic across all the classes. Class 3 shared the letters they had written to chocolate making companies and the different responses they had received! Class 3 also went to visit our Community Store to support them in selling more Fairtrade products.

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School Council Elections

On Friday 11th January 2013, we held school council elections. Each nominated child from Years 2 – 6 had to speak in front of the school. Their subject was Fairtrade. Ideas included: Fairtrade tea and coffee in the staffroom, Fairtrade cotton uniform, a Fairtrade quiz and selling Fairtrade snacks at playtime. All teachers agreed that the children spoke very clearly and well. We hope to use these ideas during Fairtrade week in February.

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Snow Day

We all had a fantastic time in the snow. Children made an igloo and snowmen, creating fantastic memories.

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Lydiard Park

Class 3 had a fantastic trip to Lydiard Park. They dressed up and experienced a Victorian Christmas.  They made Christmas decorations and had a tour of the grounds. They met Lady Bollingbrook, who gave them a tour of the house and grounds. The ice house was amazing. The Victorians would collect ice from the lake in the winter and it would stay frozen in the ice house for two years!

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Class 3 Sharing Assembly

Class 3 entertained and informed us all with their sharing assembly. Such a variety of information was shared, from how to clean out the chickens to making circuits. We could not believe how the chicks that had hatched in the entrance hall, were now nearly fully grown chickens. The enthusiasm of all the children was amazing as they shared the fun and learning that had taken place in their classroom since September. What more will happen in the year ahead?

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Maths Week

The whole school had a great time during Maths Week, including a visit from Magic Mike. The whole school saw magic tricks based on Maths as well as trialling Maths software Mathletics. Children designed and completed Maths trails all over the school. For instance, do you know how many window panes there are in the hall?

Parents had the opportunity at the end of the week to view all the different Maths activities. Year 4/5 discussed which was their favourite fact. Mrs Wilder’s favourite is 8 x 7 = 56. What is yours?

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In Autumn 2012, Class 3 (Years 4, 5, and 6) were studying ‘Chickens’. As part of their topic, we had some eggs delivered. All ten hatched! The whole school was enthralled.


South Cerney Residential, June 2012

Year 5 and 6 children, along with Year 5 and 6 children from Southrop C of E Primary School, had a great time taking part in a variety of water sports on a 3-day residential at South Cerney. We had brilliant weather, as you can tell!

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