Fairtrade week, including the annual Business Scheme was a great success. Class 3 ran stalls each playtime, selling Fairtrade cakes, cookies and smoothies. There was a lucky dip, and prizes to be won. The atmosphere on the playground was fantastic. One of the highlights was seeing a Year 6 child helping a younger child negotiate the obstacle course – typical of Hatherop.

Mrs Wilder presented information to the whole school about how Fairtrade works. Did you know that 20% of bananas sold in the UK are Fairtrade?

Other events included a whole school treasure hunt and the making of a Fairtrade sculpture. The final event was a sharing assembly by the whole school which was extremely well attended by parents. The children showed that they had totally embraced the topic across all the classes. Class 3 shared the letters they had written to chocolate making companies and the different responses they had received! Class 3 also went to visit our Community Store to support them in selling more Fairtrade products.