Communication Charter

Hatherop C of E Primary School commits to:

Communicate your child’s progress regularly:

  • Parents’ Evenings take place in the autumn and spring term with your child’s class teacher. A written report will be published in the summer term.
  • You can contact any teacher to ask for an appointment to discuss specific questions or concerns throughout the term by emailing
  • Your child’s teacher will also be available most afternoons at 3pm to chat informally.
  • We will send home your child’s targets three times a year.

Communicate openly and frequently with families, sharing news and seeking feedback where possible:

  • We will continue to produce a school newsletter every week, which will include an ‘Important Dates’ section. This newsletter will be issued via ParentMail and a copy will also be posted on the school notice board (outside Class 1) for any parents who do not have email access. All need-to-know information will be included in the newsletter.
  • The school’s website will be updated regularly to include the school calendar, term dates, the weekly newsletter and presentations.
  • We will use the school’s Twitter account for informal updates.
  • We will ask for parents’ views through a questionnaire at least annually to inform school development.
  • We will issue termly curriculum letters.
  • Staff will inform the child’s parents on the same day if a child has sustained an injury to the head.
  • If it is deemed appropriate, we will inform parents when serious behaviour concerns arise and/or when any situation occurs that may affect the health, safety and wellbeing of your child.
  • The governing body will produce a newsletter three times a year and may be contacted via email:

Communicate in good time:

  • We will let you know the dates for Parents’ Evenings three weeks in advance and ask you to select your preferred times. We will allocate your slot two weeks ahead to help you to plan your attendance.
  • For other events we will plan dates and let you know at least two weeks in advance, publishing dates in the newsletter and on the school website.

Communicate both ways:

  • Some decisions are made by the Department of Education and/or Gloucestershire County Council. Some are made by the school. Where appropriate, we will ask for parents’ views and feedback, which includes the use of the questionnaires.
  • We have produced a ‘Meet the School Team’ poster to help you to decide who is best placed to hear your feedback or answer your questions. You will find it on the notice board outside Class 1.

Hatherop C of E Primary School expects parent/carers to:

  • attend Parents’ Evenings to understand more about their child’s learning and progress.
  • make every effort to attend information evenings, e.g. Meet the Staff and Governors Evening and Curriculum Evenings.
  • address any concerns and issues promptly.
  • return documents, slips and payments (for example Home School Agreements, school trip permissions) on time, to avoid their child/ren missing out.
  • read the school newsletter and look at the website regularly to remain up-to-date with the school’s events.
  • tell us about any medical or personal issues that might impact on your child’s learning as soon as possible.
  • discuss any concerns they may have, which may be affecting their child’s learning or wellbeing, with teachers at the end of the school day. We advise parents to approach their child’s class teacher in the first instance.