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Pupil Premium Funding

The DfE’s pupil premium funding scheme allocates money to schools to help ensure that disadvantaged children have better provision made to ensure higher educational achievement and so, in the long term, better outcomes in life than otherwise would have been likely.

In the financial year 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018:

The amount of money received by a school in any year will vary according to the number of pupils who fall into these categories.

How the school uses this money

The school has used the money allocated to ensure that those identified with the greatest need have had resources dedicated to helping them achieve good or better progress.

The majority of the money has been used to secure teacher or teaching assistant time dedicated to supporting these pupils either individually or in group sessions delivering interventions in and outside the classroom.

Year Pupil Premium Income What the Pupil Premium was used for
2014/15 £5,200 Maths support

Reading support

Phonics intervention

2015/16 £5,580 Spelling support

Reading support

Maths support

Phonic intervention

2016/17 £4,560 Reading support

Spelling support

Maths support

Phonic intervention

Nurture/confidence support

Attention and working memory intervention


What was the impact of spending the money?

For more detailed information on how the Pupil Premium income will be allocated, see the link below.

Pupil Premium Strategy 2017/18