Welcome to Red Kite Class

We are a mixed Year 5 and Year 6 class.

Curriculum Map

Here is our curriculum map for this academic year which details everything we plan to cover in class…

Red Kite Class Curriculum Map 2021-22

Experience Day: Camping at the South Pole

October 2021

Before writing diary entries in the style of the Antarctic adventurer Robert Scott, we tried to experience what life would have been like camping at the South Pole.

Year 5/6 Science Autumn Term

Investigating water resistance and air resistance

September 2021

Experience Day: Teeny Weeny Raft Building

In our class novel (The Explorer by Katherine Rundell) the main characters build a raft to escape the Amazon rainforest. In order to imagine that scenario – prior to writing our stories- we made miniature rafts using materials found in the school grounds.

Term 5

See our topic web for this term below…

Autumn 2

See our Topic Web for Term 2 below …

Year 5 and 6 Topic Web Autumn 2

In our art lessons this term we are learning new techniques for sketching birds.

Here are some of our successes so far…

Autumn 1

Red Kite Hobbit Hole

We have been studying The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien. We learned how to improve our creative writing skills by role-playing how to speak like characters from Middle Earth, before creating our own ‘missing’ chapter of The Hobbit.

Red Kite New Seating Plan

Red Kite have been getting used to the new seating arrangements since they returned to school in September.

Red Kite science - Electricity

Science: Electricity

We have been exploring how circuits could be changed when different components were added.

Red Kite PE on field

Keeping active during our PE lessons with Mrs Clark and Mrs Cook.