The governing body has 12 members, all of whom are actively involved in the life of Hatherop Church of England Primary School. Primarily, we have collective responsibility for three key roles:

  1. To provide a strategic view
  2. To ensure accountability
  3. To act as a critical friend

We have three committees that report to the full governing body:

  1. Strategic Planning
  2. Curriculum and Self-evaluation
  3. Finance & General Purposes with Grounds & Buildings

Mr. Edward Wilson.
Co-opted Governor - Vice Chair of Governing Body  term of office 28.06.16 - 27.06.20

Appointing body - Governing Body

As a Governor who has interacted with educational systems in a wide range of countries on three continents (Europe, North America and Africa), I hope I can bring a global perspective to the challenges faced by the Hatherop CoE Primary School. Throughout my career in conservation and sustainable development I have placed the highest prioity on building the capacity of individuals to live and work in a way that is environmentally responsible and there is no better place than a primary school to begin to develop an understanding of the importance of the natural world.

Register of interests - none declared

Mrs. Jackie Cullum
Foundation Governor - term of office began September 2017

Appointing body - Diocese of Gloucester

Register of interests - none declared.   

I moved with my husband to the parish of Coln, Hatherop and Quenington in January 2015. I have three married children, a daughter and two sons, and nine grandchildren.  I am on the PCC and part of the Open the Book team who visit the school once a fortnight in term time.  When my own children were young, I was involved with the Playgroup Association and Chair of West Oxfordshire for a year.  Education is close to my heart and I am committed to working with fellow governors and teachers to provide the happy and stimulating environment that I see at Hatherop.

Mrs. Ginette Chalmers.
Co-opted Governor - term of office 14.9.16 - 13.9.20

Appointing body - Governing Body

I have lived in Coln for eight years And prior to that in Eastleach and Fyfield. For most of that time I have been fortunate enough to be involved with the school as a reader helper and have greatly enjoyed working with the very dedicated teachers and lively, articulate pupils so I am delighted to have been asked to join the Governing Body and look forward to working with a great team. Prior to my retirement I was a director of a leading Literary and theatrical agency in London.

Register of interests - none declared.

Mrs. Penny Ibbotson.
Clerk to the Governors

Mike and I moved to Quenington in 2009, having previously lived in Fairford; we have now been in the area for over 25 years. Our two daughters attended Farmor's School and both are currently studying at University. I became Clerk to the Governors in 2013 and am also Clerk to Quenington Parish Council. I enjoy working with the Governors in supporting this popular local school.

Mrs. Kate Roberts.
Parent Governor - term of office 01.04.16 - 31.03.20 

Appointing body - Parents

We moved to Quenington in 2012 and our twins started in Reception at Hatherop C of E Primary School in 2015.  We have been so impressed by the teaching and the warmth from all staff and I’m delighted to be part of the Governing Body for such a supportive and nurturing village school.

I enjoy being able to contribute to Governor meetings, using my skills as an in-house solicitor, and look forward to helping the school continue to thrive.

Register of interests - none declared.


Mrs. Caroline Burton.

Head Teacher - term of office began 01.01.17


My teaching career started in London in 1989 and since 1990 I have worked in schools in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire. I have been the Class 1 teacher, teaching Reception and Year 1 children, since April 2005 and love my work in this friendly and vibrant village school. In January I took on the role of Head Teacher. I moved to Hatherop village in 1993 and all three of my children have attended the school. I have had a long association with the school, both as parent and teacher, and understand it's key role as part of the local community.

Register of interests - none declared.

Mr. Mike Francis

Chair of Governors

Local Authority Nominated Governor - term of office 02.01.18 - 01.01.22

Appointing body - Local Authority

I have lived in Hatherop since 1995 and have enjoyed a long association with Hatherop C of E Primary School, where two of my grandchildren are now happily embracing life as pupils. My professional background is in education: I was Deputy Head of Farmor’s School, Fairford, for 20 years, and led teacher training programmes in Gloucestershire for 11 years. I hold a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Management and I am an Honorary Fellow of the University of Gloucestershire. It is a real pleasure, as Governor, to maintain my involvement with this happy, energetic and thriving School that we are so fortunate to have at the heart of our community.

Register of interests - none declared

Mrs. Louise Cowan
Parent Governor - term of office 21.10.17 - 20.10.21

Appointing body - Parents

My daughter, Daisy, started at the school in 2015 and her sisters will follow in her footsteps. I am a qualified accountant, but at the moment I am a full time mother. Hatherop Primary School has been the perfect start to Daisy's education and with my background in finance, I would like to use these skills to contribute to the school's bright future.

Register of interests - none declared.

Co-opted Governor - POST VACANCY

Mr Andrew Hartley
Parent Governor - term of office 21.10.17 - 20.10.21

Appointing body - Parents

As a senior leader in secondary education, I have shaped and developed the curriculum in my own working environment and relish the opportunity, as a governor, to support and help guide the school and students to a successful future.

Register of interests - none

Foundation Governor - POST VACANCY

Mr Iain Turnbull

Parent Governor - term of office: 19.03.18 - 18.03.22

Appointing body - Parents

I work as a GP with an interest in clinical research. My wife Hannah and I have lived in Quenington since 2008. Since our two daughters started at Hatherop Primary, I have watched them thrive, and as a family we have enjoyed being part of the school community. In becoming a parent governor, I hope to give something back to the school.

Register of interests - none declared

Staff Governor - Lauren Nolan

Appointing body - Staff

Register of interests - none

Ms Nicola Morris

Associate Governor

Appointing body - Governors

Register of interests - none declared


Previous Governors:

Rev. John Partington - Foundation Governor - retired from post September 2019

Mrs Verity Gardiner - Co-opted Governor - retired from post July 2019

Mr Phil Cook - Parent Governor - retired from post 27.11.17

Mr. Rob Ewens - Chair of Governors - retired from post 20.10.17

Mrs Imogen Flack - Parent Governor - retired from post 20.10.17

Mrs Rachel Kluczynski - Local Authority Governor - retired from post 14.09.17

Mr. David Hicks Beach - Foundation Governor - retired from post June 2017

Mr. Samuel Bartholomew - Head Teacher - resigned from post August 2016

Mr. Nicholas Ford - Co-opted Governor - retired from Governing Body 28.06.16.

Mrs. Rachel Say - Parent Governor - resigned from Governing Body 31.03.16


For details of Committees and Governor attendance at meetings, please see the attached documents.

Governor attendance:

Governor Attendance 2019/2020

Governor Attendance 2018/2019

Governor Attendance 2017/2018

Governor Attendance 2016/2017

Committee details:

Governors' Roles & Responsibilities from Sept 2019