Our Values and Vision

Caring Believing Achieving

Our Christian vision is based upon the following passage from the Bible.

In his letter to the Romans Paul says that God has given each person different gifts. Caring about our differences and our likenesses and using those gifts for the good of the school and everyone in it, allows our school to thrive. We believe that everybody in our school community has a part to play and that believing in ourselves, in the gifts of others and in Christ enables us to develop mentally, physically and spiritually. By putting all those gifts together we can achieve individually, but more importantly as a school community.

Humble Service in the Body of Christ

As a small village school, with strong links to the church and local community, this passage inspires our children, staff, parents and supporters to humbly use their individual strengths and talents for the greater good of the school.

The passage suggests that in Christ we, though many, form one body. As a Christian school we understand that we can belong to each other and become stronger. Our gifts are given to us by God’s love and we can use them to help each other and those in need.

With less than a hundred pupils from a small village community and its surrounding areas, all the children, members of our small team of staff, and church and community supporters, are able to know each child individually. We know their strengths and we enjoy sharing and celebrating every step that they make, both in school and outside of the curriculum. Our termly celebration worship is an opportunity for children to celebrate the successes and progress that individuals and groups of children have achieved during the term and at the end of each school year, we award prizes to celebrate the individual  talents of the children.

We understand that everyone is different with different talents and needs and that being fair is about giving everyone the support that they need, which is not necessarily the same for everyone else. We look for the good in everyone and this attitude underpins our behaviour policy. We know that not every child can be the best academically so we place importance on celebrating the demonstration of our Christian values and other non-academic achievements.

Our school is a happy school where the children enjoy their time. The passage from the Bible ends with Paul asking people to show mercy and do it cheerfully. We try to apply that cheerfulness and sense of fun to the sharing of all our gifts.

There is a strong sense of being part of our school family where each member belongs to all the others. We know that our school only functions well if each member of our school community works towards the good of the whole school, using and developing our individual talents to prophesy, serve, teach, encourage, give, lead and show mercy. We understand that as our school functions well, as one body, we can use this strength in the wider community.


In April 2019, the school received its Statutory Inspection as a Church of England (Anglican) School.

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Hatherop C of E SIAMS report 3rd April 2019