Welcome to Year 4! 

The class teachers in Year 4 are Mrs Baker (Mon- Wed) and Mrs Hancock (Thurs-Fri). Year 4 spend their mornings together for their Maths and English lessons. There are 12 children in the class, using the Year 4 classroom. They then join their registration group for the afternoon lessons.

Year 4 Art
Year 4 Writing
Art Perspective

Remote Learning -Term 3

Year 4 have been using the story ‘How to train your Dragon’ for inspiration. They have carefully considered the adjectives and adverbs that they have used in their writing. This has resulted in some very creative work which is exciting to read. In maths they continued to learn about multiplication and division methods as well as always engaging in TTRS battles with lots of enthusiasm! Geography lessons have been about different settlements including Hatherop and Fairford while in Art the use of perspective has been their focus.

Mrs Baker and I are so impressed with not only the amount of work they are doing at home, but also how good the quality of their work is! Well done Year 4!      Mrs Hancock and Mrs Baker




Autumn Term

Year 4 in a maths lesson in the Autumn term:

Year 4 at work
Year 4 at work